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Benefits of installing skylights

Benefits of installing skylights in your home

Skylights have come a long way since becoming popular decades ago as a way of bringing the outside into your home. They are so much more than a way to brighten up a bathroom or hallway and as technology has improved it has allowed for designs incorporating greater airflow throughout your home and increased savings on energy bills.

When it comes to the different types of skylights available, our Brisbane team is here to help. Read more about the many benefits that come with installing skylights below.

Advantages of natural light

When most people think of skylights, they see them as a way to brighten up a room without the need for turning on lights. Skylights used to be located in parts of the home that weren’t well lit by natural light. They could make your bathroom/laundry/hall and even lounge brighter with days seemingly lasting longer, particularly in winter when the sun is lower in the sky. As designs have evolved, skylights have become features of a room and are increasingly becoming part of the design process. Natural light may also improve productivity and increase wellbeing by boosting your mood.

Do skylights add value to a home?

Aside from the practical and financial benefits of installing skylights, they may also add value to your home by improving the overall look of the house. As more people are working from home than ever before, there are also added health benefits to skylights which potential buyers might be eyeing off when they go searching for properties. Gases and foods used in cooking or moisture from baths and laundering can add pollutants to the air which can be removed with proper ventilation.

How skylights freshen air

Skylights can include ventilation systems that help circulate the air and improve quality. This may help lower the risk of negative health impacts of poor air quality which can trigger asthma or allergies. Good ventilation also reduces humidity which helps prevent a buildup of mould. By increasing natural light and improving ventilation, skylights can also help you save money on your energy bills.

Do skylights save money on electricity?

Rather than brightening your home artificially with light fittings, skylights use the natural light from outside your home. In the long run, you will save a lot of money by not having to light those areas throughout the daytime. Think about how often you enter a room through the day and have to turn on a light. Skylights may also keep you warm in winter and cooler in summer by allowing the heat in during the cooler months and venting the hot air out during summer, reducing the need for running expensive air-conditioning or cooling systems. They also help the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by power consumption in addition to helping your back pocket on that power bill.

How much do skylights cost?

Skylights come in a range of sizes and types from fixed to tubular to vented so to best suit your needs, give Skydome a call on (07) 3299 4377 and one of our friendly staff will be able to answer all your questions based on your requirements.

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