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Skylight ideas to brighten your home

Modern attic bathroom with skylights idea

Skylights are the perfect solution for balancing the light in the room at an affordable rate. Regular windows can cause annoying glares that can obstruct the view of the television or computer. Skylight installation will significantly reduce the glare from the sun, increasing visibility, and making skylights the perfect solution when trying to brighten your…

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Why is natural light so important to homebuyers?

Spacious living room interior with natural light

Why is natural light so important to homebuyers? Skylights in Brisbane add value to homes and provide natural light that many homebuyers are now looking for to save money on power bills. As well as looking fantastic and becoming architectural centrepieces of some homes, skylights in Brisbane properties are sought after as homebuyers look for…

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The different types of natural lighting solutions

Natural lighting is critical in the design of any new home or renovation as it saves money, helps the environment and just looks good. When installing Brisbane skylights we discuss with clients the many options available to bring more of the outside in when designing placement of natural lighting options around the home or workplace.…

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How skylights can add value to your property

Installing skylights can be one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to add value to your property and make it more visually appealing for buyers. As more buyers have energy efficiency in mind before they purchase a property, we know from installing skylights in Brisbane that it’s something many of our customers consider…

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Some of the most popular VELUX skylights

While searching for skylights in Brisbane you should be looking at practical solutions that are built to handle Australia’s harsh weather conditions. VELUX skylights are built to withstand our harsh climate and come in flat roof and pitched roof versions as well as a wide range of sizes and features that are perfect for installation…

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Everything you need to know about bathroom skylights

Bathroom skylights are more than a way to bring the outside into your home because they increase savings, add value and offer great ventilation. Natural bathroom light While it may not have been a consideration years ago and wasn’t something many people who grew up in older homes are used to, natural bathroom light is…

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Skylight maintenance and repairs


Everything you need to know about skylight maintenance and repairs Like most things in your home, skylights perform at their best when cleaned and maintained regularly. They could trap insects or bugs, become damaged in severe weather or just need a tune up. If you already have skylights or are looking to install them, it’s…

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Benefits of installing skylights

Benefits of installing skylights in your home Skylights have come a long way since becoming popular decades ago as a way of bringing the outside into your home. They are so much more than a way to brighten up a bathroom or hallway and as technology has improved it has allowed for designs incorporating greater…

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Velux can transform an old home or drab space You and your family will love living in a home filled with Velux Skylights. They’re a cost-effective way to change the mood of the house. And by letting natural light flow through a room, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll save on your power bills. Which…

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Skytube Intech tubular skylights are perfect for lighting smaller spaces

Whether it’s smaller rooms, hallways, bathrooms or laundries, a Skytube Intech tubular skylight will light up any space, even if there is little sunlight. Architects, designers and home owners are singing its praises and you’ll love how it can make your house feel like a home. The Skytube Intech tubular skylight can be customised and…

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