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Everything you need to know about bathroom skylights

Bathroom skylights are more than a way to bring the outside into your home because they increase savings, add value and offer great ventilation.

Natural bathroom light

While it may not have been a consideration years ago and wasn’t something many people who grew up in older homes are used to, natural bathroom light is now a standard. Traditionally bathrooms were built in darker areas of the home because light in living areas was deemed a premium. These days bathroom skylights form a focus of new home builds and architectural designs because of their practicality and functionality. As bathrooms are often designed with multiple mirrors, bathroom skylights can beam off the walls and mirrors and brighten the whole room. They not only look great and give an even light into such an important space but can also be a way of reducing condensation and mould build up by improving bathroom ventilation.

Bathroom ventilation solutions

The Skytube bathroom ventilation range at Skydome Brisbane is the ultimate combination of natural light, mechanical ventilation and electric lighting. Our range combines the daylighting performance of Australia’s leading tubular Skylight with the industry’s best range of ventilation solutions. There are naturally and mechanically ventilated options for bathroom skylights which can be connected to a roof-mounted fan. It is paramount that bathrooms remove moisture that builds up during showers or spas to improve bathroom ventilation.

Bathroom skylights save money

Rather than running costly light fittings during your daylight showers, bathroom skylights can use the power of the sun instead of your power bill to brighten your space. As part of a fully integrated skylight system within your home, bathroom skylights can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer by using smart bathroom ventilation systems to empty the home of hot air while reducing the need for running expensive air conditioning systems. The Australian climate can be unforgiving sometimes so it’s important to have a system that helps in Australian conditions. Heat and UV ingress can be reduced by up to 78 per cent (double glazed with tinted insulation) during summer and retention of warmth in winter by up to 69 per cent. It’s the perfect way to make use of that natural bathroom light.

Skydome quality makes the difference

Skydome’s range of glass bathroom skylights have been designed and manufactured to the highest possible level of quality and endurance for Australian conditions and are guaranteed to be weatherproof. They have been tested for combustibility and are manufactured from quality Australian raw materials. We can also service and repair existing home or bathroom skylight and ventilation systems.

Like most things in your home, they work better if properly maintained. Read more skylight maintenance and repair tips here.

Bathroom skylights come in a range of styles and options so give Skydome a call on (07) 3299 4377 and one of our expert staff will happily answer any questions you have about your home today.

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