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Skylight maintenance and repairs

Everything you need to know about skylight maintenance and repairs

Like most things in your home, skylights perform at their best when cleaned and maintained regularly. They could trap insects or bugs, become damaged in severe weather or just need a tune up.

If you already have skylights or are looking to install them, it’s important to understand the requirements of skylight maintenance and repairs.

Keeping it clean

Like a car engine, the better it is maintained, the better it will run. Skylight maintenance is important to keep your investment performing at its peak. You may have never had any issues with an existing skylight but it’s still important to have them cleaned once a year. Any dirt or grime on the outside section of the skylight should be removed to allow natural light to enter your home. Any bugs or insects should be removed from the internal cavity to keep the area clean. It’s important that professionals complete this task because they have the proper equipment and experience so won’t damage the skylights. It’s also a safety issue so let an expert get up that ladder and do the work for you.

Regular inspections

Inspecting existing products is an important part of skylight maintenance because it can identify any potential future problems before they occur. Some skylights have the ability to open with ventilation systems. If this hasn’t been done for a while, like a house or car window you haven’t opened for a long time, it can become harder to open and cause some issues with the system. So it’s best to have an expert test the mechanisms for you. They can also identify potential leaks or older parts that may need replacing during regular skylight maintenance.

Water is the enemy

Most skylight repairs are needed because of water leaks. Water damage can occur in any roof after severe weather or storms and it’s important to have issues fixed quickly to prevent damage to the interior of your home and ceiling. Not having smaller water leaks treated quickly can also mean mold and moisture problems in your home that the skylight ventilation systems were installed to prevent. On top of preventing moisture build up there are many benefits of skylight ventilation.

Could be costly to wait

Skylight repairs performed by an expert can give you peace of mind and ensure one of your most valuable possessions is safe from hazards. Damage caused by weather or lack of maintenance can bring an added cost to your home repairs down the track. There are many benefits of installing skylights. They can add value, save money on electricity and give your home a beautiful natural light by bringing more of the outside in. So make sure you look after them.

For all your skylight maintenance and skylight repairs, you can trust Skydome’s professional and friendly team. Give us a call on (07) 3299 4377 to have a chat about how we can help.

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