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skydome lets the natural light in while ventilating your home!

Benefits Of Good Ventilation.

  • Improves air quality. If the air inside your home doesn’t circulate, indoor pollutants such as germs and chemical gases will affect your air quality and may cause asthma triggers. Our Skytube Ventilation systems help circulate air throughout your house and keep clean oxygen flowing in.
  • Lowers humidity levels. High humidity levels can occur because of little to no air ventilation. Humidity helps mold grow and creates a negative environment. Skytube Ventilation systems control humidity levels and ensures the air in your home is healthy to breathe.
  • Health benefits. A smart ventilation system in your home will greatly reduce the risk of a number of health issues like allergies and headaches. If you reduce dampness, you will reduce the triggers of many common respiratory problems. A good ventilation system will help your family thrive in a healthier environment.
  • Comfortable home. Minimising the bad air inside your home is a great place to start if you’re serious about living a healthy, happy life. Along with natural light coming in, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed knowing you and your family are breathing fresh, clean air.
  • Keeps power costs down. By warming and ventilating your home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much money you will save on your electricity bills

Commercial Ventilation

Skydome also offers a full range of commercial mechanical ventilation systems. You’ll be impressed with our Static roof vents along with our popular market leading Skydome Powervent.

Our innovative commercial ventilation systems keep the roof cavity cool during summer and reduces the load on air conditioners, dramatically reducing your power consumption.

If you’re interested in adding a Skydome Ventilation system to your home or business, or have any queries, please call us on 07 32994377 and our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions and arrange a consultation. Based at Loganholme, we service customers throughout South East Queensland.

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