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why skylights are good for your health & wellbeing

Our popular Velux Skylights not only look fabulous, they’ll add value to your home or business and will really make you feel on top of the world. As they say, happiest are those who are closest to nature. Our stylish and innovative Velux Skylights, will bring the outdoors in.

With more and more people now working from home, Skylights also allow the fresh air in. Did you know that high traffic rooms in your home like the living room, kitchen and bathroom are focal points for polluted air to settle and linger? Excess carbon dioxide, food particles from cooking, pet hairs and moisture from baths, showers and washing machines can all add to what is considered less than clean air.

While you may not be aware of the indoor health of your home, you may notice that at times it feels too stuffy or dusty or that there are lingering food or pet odours.

Skylights can make a positive difference. Through the stack effect, a Velux venting skylight can take the hot air and toxins that naturally rise up towards the roof and allow them to escape outside while bringing in fresh air. This new air can then circulate throughout your home, allowing you to breathe easier.

Velux Skylights are also very helpful for growing healthy indoor plants. The sunlight gives them the fuel they need to grow strong.

Have You Seen Velux Skylights On Channel 9’s The Block?

This season’s contestants made beautiful use of our stylish and innovative Velux Skylight systems. We believe they were part of the reason why the homes sold for such high prices.

Would you like to create a happy, healthier home? Call our friendly staff at Skydome Brisbane on 07 32994377 and ask us to arrange a no obligation, free design consultation. Based at Loganholme, we service customers throughout South East Queensland and you can have peace of mind knowing we follow strict Covid Safe protocols.

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