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Some of the most popular VELUX skylights

While searching for skylights in Brisbane you should be looking at practical solutions that are built to handle Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

VELUX skylights are built to withstand our harsh climate and come in flat roof and pitched roof versions as well as a wide range of sizes and features that are perfect for installation in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, living areas or even laundries and garages.

Due to their clever designs, using VELUX skylights in Brisbane can maximise the local weather conditions to their advantage by charging batteries in the sun or using cool offshore winds to ventilate your home.

Many homeowners are incorporating skylights into new designs or renovations to existing homes because of the added benefits across the board. They look great, save you money on your electricity bills, add value to your home and bring the outside in by brightening up your home through the day and cooling it down by increasing ventilation while keeping the bugs out.

VELUX skylights

Traditional manual skylights: They allow for natural ventilation of your home while providing comfort and saving on power bills by using natural light instead of globes. They come pre-installed with insect screens to protect against flies and mozzies and are opened and closed manually.

Electric VELUX skylights: This design offers all the benefits of a traditional skylight with the added bonus of a remote control to open and close the window panel while built-in rain sensors can automatically protect your home should wet weather come in, leaving you unprepared.

Solar skylights: Solar powered VELUX skylights include a panel that captures daylight to recharge a concealed battery. They have similar functionality to the electric versions but use additional stored power to open and close the skylight with the added convenience of a remote control and rain sensors.

Fixed and flat roof skylights: Perfect for visually expanding any area of the home by transforming rooms with daylight and views of the sky, a flat roof or fixed model can provide an affordable alternative to creating abundant daylight in your kitchen or bathroom. We have some great tips on everything you need to know about bathroom skylights.

How much do VELUX skylights cost?

Our VELUX skylights in Brisbane range from a few hundred dollars (before GST and installation) for the flat roof model up to a few thousand dollars for the solar panel product. More than just a way to brighten up your home or increase ventilation and save you money on power bills, there are a number of benefits of installing skylights.

So give the team at Skydome Brisbane a call to have a chat about how we can help you today. We can be reached at (07) 3299 4377 and would love to answer any questions you might have about skylights.

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