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The different types of natural lighting solutions

Natural lighting is critical in the design of any new home or renovation as it saves money, helps the environment and just looks good.

When installing Brisbane skylights we discuss with clients the many options available to bring more of the outside in when designing placement of natural lighting options around the home or workplace.

Skytubes, traditional Brisbane skylights and ventilation systems can all become fixtures that can add natural lighting to your home and give it all important airflow to reduce the likelihood of mould build up and other pathogens causing problems.


An easy way to add light to those harder to reach places within the home or workplaces, Skytubes are great additions to a hallway, kitchen, bathroom or laundry. They are great for smaller rooms but multiple installations within the same room can give a superior result too. Skytubes’ patented lens located in the dome can increase the performance of the lighting where previously the optimum performance was when the sun was highest in the sky between 10am to 2pm. Skytubes produce natural lighting by collecting low elevation sunlight in the early morning, late afternoon and during winter months when the sun is lower in the sky all day. Skydome Brisbane’s patented Variable Pitch Adaptor enables us to provide a straight path of light between any roof pitch and ceiling which also allows obstacles to be bypassed without having to bend around them during installation. Natural lighting can then travel down the tube built from 97 per cent reflective material. 

Brisbane skylights

Skylights are designed to keep your home or workplace’s running costs down because you use less electricity for lighting and smart ventilation systems keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Skylights add value to your property by reducing the need for potential buyers to renovate or install their own.

Skydome Pyramid Skylights: It’s one of the largest skylights available and is engineered to be a one piece unit mounted on a base. It is built to maximise natural lighting and eliminate 99 per cent of UV rays.

Skydome Circular Skylights: Tailored to suit most types of roofing, our circular model can be fitted to a base with flashing materials to colour match. Coming with a 7 year guarantee, it’s another product to give you an abundance of light and peace of mind.

Traditional Skydomes: Built to suit most types of roofing, our traditional skylights can be installed in corrugated, metal and tiles. We offer options for double glazed glass skylights and manufacture bushfire rated products to suit homes in fire prone areas. Take a look at some of the most popular VELUX skylights.

Ventilation skylights: Our ventilation range combines natural light, mechanical ventilation and electric lighting. Skytubes can be connected to the Superflow 250 roof mounted fan to withdraw moisture and create airflow.

So whatever your needs, call Skydome Brisbane today on (07) 3299 4377 to have a chat about your requirements and to organise a free quote.

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