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Why is natural light so important to homebuyers?

Why is natural light so important to homebuyers?

Skylights in Brisbane add value to homes and provide natural light that many homebuyers are now looking for to save money on power bills.

As well as looking fantastic and becoming architectural centrepieces of some homes, skylights in Brisbane properties are sought after as homebuyers look for houses which are energy efficient, stylish and don’t require any renovations.

Natural light beaming into a home can be a massive drawcard for homebuyers. Skylights in Brisbane can make use of the longer summer days to brighten your home which cuts down on the need for artificial lighting and using electricity to power your home office or living areas during the day. They can also create a beautiful ambience during the night as the moon and stars beam into the home which can make it feel more in touch with the surrounding environment and give a sense the home is actually larger than it is. How skylights add value to your property.

Skylights save you money

Skylights in Brisbane properties are sought after by homebuyers because as power bills continually increase, so does the demand for energy efficiency within the home and the investments required to achieve that. Some of the most popular VELUX skylights can keep you cool in summer by increasing ventilation and allowing hot air to escape the home which reduces the need for air conditioning and other cooling options which can be expensive and continuously running in hot weather. Skytubes in bathrooms and laundries let natural light into traditionally darker areas of the home such as hallways which reduce the need for traditional electrical lighting. In cooler months they act as a natural way to add warmth to the home because they can spend the day adding heat to various rooms.

Skylight design allows for a personal touch

As skylights in Brisbane come in an array of sizes and styles, adding them to a home design can make rooms feel much larger than they are, more modern than they are and even more stylish and practical. Skylights put you in control of how much natural light you want beaming into your home and with the use of the right blinds can give you the freedom to decide how much light you allow in.

Low maintenance cleaning

While skylights do require cleaning they are much lower maintenance than a window cluttered with leaves or mould. Like all roofing products they are susceptible to tree debris and sap so it is best to seek the advice of a professional window cleaner or skylight installer to maintain and clean them properly. As they are usually located in dangerous and high areas requiring roof access, it’s best not to attempt cleaning yourself. Cleaning is very important when it comes to attracting homebuyers because they would expect it functions as normal when visiting the home.

Skylights in Brisbane are a more popular natural light option than ever before so give Skydome a call on (07) 3299 4377 and have a chat with our friendly staff about how we can help you today.

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